At ProSports Integrative Therapy we go to great lengths to help our patients recover rapidly, perform at their best, and sustain long-lasting results. The model of ProSports was designed from the patient’s perspective by using a holistic and integrative approach to the efficiency and function of the body. Dr. Fitzmaurice uses a blend of advanced neuromuscular techniques and approaches to identify the causes behind the dysfunction that causes pain, loss of motion, compensation and loss of performance. He utilizes spinal and joint mobilization, and progressive soft tissue release therapy and muscle energy protocols to attain the best outcomes (to help eliminate pain and dysfunction, improve movement and help eliminate barriers to performance.)

Dr. Fitzmaurice does not use a cookie-cutter approach to treatment. Each treatment is based on the patient’s particular problem and needs. He thinks differently, evaluates differently, and will select an accurate treatment solution which will keep you on the fast track to resolving your problem as quickly as possible.